Alberta Police Beat 


The Alberta Police Beat, the official publication of the AFPA, will be published twice annually, bringing you the latest front line perspective on the policing profession, federal and provincial legislation as well as keeping you informed and updated on what is important to you. 


A special thank you to the advertisers and sponsors for your commitment to stand behind the men and women who bravely serve and protect our communities every day. 

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 ISSUE 1.11 SPRING 2020

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 ISSUE 1.10 FALL 2019

 ISSUE 1.7 SPRING 2018

 ISSUE 1.1 

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 ISSUE 1.11 FALL 2020

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 ISSUE 1.9 SPRING 2019

 ISSUE 1.6 FALL 2017

 ISSUE 1.2 

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 ISSUE 1.8 FALL 2018

 ISSUE 1.6 SPRING 2017